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Welcome to The Waterbox




Dimensions for The Waterbox Closed:  21 1/2" X 6 1/2" X 6"

Lid open:  22" high (from top of lid to bottom of


Waterbox with slide out:  23" long

Faucet height in Waterbox:  15" long

  Invented in 2005, The Waterbox is unique way to dispense water when needed and conveniently put away when not in use. 

Durable hard plastic box with faucet attached to lid, 3/4" boiler drain with barbed connection, 3/4" pex pipe with 3/4" push connect 90 connected to 3/4" female barbed adapter for customer to connect to supply line


The top of the waterbox should be ground level when installed and it is recommended that the lid be closed after each use